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Fast & Effective 3D Landscape Design Platform

Close jobs faster and more profitably with VisionScape's Virtual Property Architect

  • A 3D screenshot taken from a property designed in Virtual Property Architect.
  • The plan view of the same property, which features Unilock's Tuscany Collection.
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3D Landscape Design Platform

VisionScape's Virtual Property Architect is a 3D landscape design platform that allows you to sell with confidence. It will help you exceed your client's expectations by visualizing your design with 3D walkthrough videos and screenshots, as well as traditional plans and perspectives. It is up to 90% faster than Sketchup and requires no 3D or CAD experience. The software features actual products from well-known manufacturers so that you can create accurate and attainable designs. Product categories include building materials, garden art, lighting, outdoor living, outdoor structures, plants, utilities, water features and windows and doors

Virtual Property Architect's unique Smart Tools will save you time by allowing you to easily add buildings, decks, patios, swimming pools and more to your design. "This is how our smart tools work," says VisionScape CEO John Porco, "You can draw a very simple shape, the software knows it as a house and therefore it behaves like a house. Lights will actually stick to the wall, they know what they're supposed to do and they do it," he continues. Smart Tools are what make Virtual Property Architect the software with the fastest design time of any in its class.

Another great feature of Virtual Property Architect is the shape tools, which make it possible to quickly create precise designs. With the touch of a button you can draw curves and apply shapes to hardscape objects. "What you'll find is that with our point editing, boolean tools and the copying and pasting of shapes you can easily create varying patterns and interesting shapes that you might find in the real world," says Porco. With the shape tools it only takes a matter of seconds to create a raised planter, a fire pit or a curved deck.

This software has many other unique features that make designing, presenting and sharing a breeze. You can effortlessly switch between plan, perspective and walkthrough modes. Additionally, you can change the time of day to show clients what their property will look like in different lights. In additiona, this product comes with a free 30 minute one-on-one consultation where you will be teamed up with an expert who will demonstrate the software and provide you with valuable tips and tricks. Phone support is also offered and if you're running short on time you can have a Virtual Property expert turn rough design sketches into a 3d design for you.

Virtual Property Architect will help you close deals faster and more profitably. Soon you'll be creating 3D models of entirely landscaped properties complete with outdoor living elements in a matter of minutes. Your clients will be amazed when you present them with not only a plan, but also a virtual video tour of their property. A tool like this will help differentiate your business and free up your time. Download the free 14-day trial now.

VisionScape Interactive
Poughkeepsie, NY

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