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Metal Garden Lanterns

Light up your patio with these Moroccan-inspired lanterns

These outdoor lanterns from notNeutral are perfect for providing accent lighting on your deck or patio. When illuminated with candles light shines out small pinholes to create a glowing pattern.

The lanterns can be set on the ground or a table or hung from a tree or structure. Use one lantern as a statement piece or cluster them for lots of dramatic light. Use recommendations from not Neutral include lighting tables, pathways, beaches and backyards.

Their black oxide finish makes them durable outdoors. While a removable candle armature makes lighting the lantern easy.

Sizes: Colors:
  • Small: 6" diameter x 14" high ($50)
  • Medium: 8" diameter x 20" high ($90)
  • Large: 12" diameter x 26" high ($180)
  • Yellow
  • Persimmon
  • Black
  • White

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