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Decorative Concrete Walkway Ideas

Design options and inspiring photos of concrete walkways

  • Stamped Concrete, Front Walkway, Pillar Light
Concrete Walkway
Copper Creek Landscaping, Inc.
Mead, WA Copper Creek Landscaping in Mead, WA
  • Front, Path, Wide, Concrete
Concrete Walkway
Ag-Trac Enterprises
Logan, UT Ag-Trac Enterprises in Logan, UT
  • Walkway
Concrete Walkway
Landscaping Network
Calimesa, CA Landscaping Network in Calimesa, CA
  • Front, Garden, Walkway, Concrete, Stone
Concrete Walkway
Bonick Landscaping
Dallas, TX Bonick Landscaping in Dallas, TX
  • Walkway, Steps, Concrete, Stone
Concrete Walkway
Quality Living Landscape
San Marcos, CA Quality Living Landscapes in San Marcos, CA
  • Colored Concrete Walkway
Concrete Walkway
Backyard Creations
Carrollton, TX Backyard Creations in Carrollton, TX
  • Red Garden Gate
Concrete Walkway
Santa Barbara, CA Alida Aldrich Landscape Design in Santa Barbara, CA
  • Paver Path
Concrete Walkway
Huettl Landscape Architecture
Walnut Creek, CA Huettl Landscape Architecture in Walnut Creek, CA
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Concrete Walkway Design

Time / 1:51

See how this concrete walkway is designed in 3' by 3' squares.

Concrete is a very popular material for walkways because of its versatility. Concrete can be colored and textured to mimic natural stone, tile, brick and more. A concrete walkway can be personalized to suit your home and your tastes. Many installers think of decorative concrete walkways as more than just a way to get from point A to B, rather they are a chance for artistic expression.

If you have existing concrete walkways that are boring and grey, don't worry. You can take advantage of products that allow the concrete to be transformed into something unique and decorative that will add to your home's curb appeal or backyard living space.

Concrete Walkway Design Options:

  • Straight or curved
  • Limitless color options through stains or integral colors
  • Stamped or saw-cut designs and textures
  • Decorative borders
  • Exposed aggregate

For a more contemporary walkway, concrete can be poured in oversized pavers. This creates the look of giant stepping stones. Typically shapes such as rectangles or circles are used to create a bold geometric pattern. The spaces between the poured concrete pavers can be seeded with grass or a low ground cover to bring life and color to the walkway.

Concrete Walkway Design Options

Walkway Design Description
Walkway and Path
Landscaping Network
Calimesa, CA Straight Path
A straight design gives the visitor a formal entry that leads them right to your front door. As pictured here, this design consists of 4’ by 4’ squares of concrete laid in a straight direction, creating a pattern and leading you to the entry. Smooth river rock fills in between the concrete and throughout the landscape, creating a drought-tolerant modern design. The straight lines and geometric shapes are continued from the homes architecture into the landscape, with the straight walkway consisting of poured concrete squares and the rectangular planters with papyrus. The concrete walkway gives a formal and clean entry to this modern home.
Front, Walkway, Curved, Concrete, Purple
Walkway and Path
Ag-Trac Enterprises
Logan, UT Curved Path
A curved concrete path gives an informal, organic entry to homes. The large sweeping curve allows visitors to be guided through your front yard landscaping and gives them a chance to get a good look at the front of your home. The curved walkway of this home is bordered with brilliant lavender and trees which extenuate the curve. Imagine how this landscape will look in 10 years with the trees forming a canopy to the entry, and the matured lavender spilling over the planting bed leading your eye right to the front door. This walkway breaks up the homes traditional, geometric style with its organic form, and provides an impressing contrast.
Colored Concrete Walkway
Walkway and Path
Backyard Creations
Carrollton, TX Colored Concrete
Concrete can be transformed to nearly any color imaginable with concrete staining and dying products. This walkway, once a dull gray was transformed to enhance the style of the residence using brown tones and a contrasting dark grey to border. No longer dull, it’s a warm inviting entry to this home and adds major points to its curb appeal. This design is successful because the colors are a perfect balance with the home and the landscape, carrying the earth-toned colors not only in the concrete stain, but throughout the plant palette as well.
Stamped Concrete, Front Walkway, Pillar Light
Walkway and Path
Copper Creek Landscaping, Inc.
Mead, WA Stamped Concrete
Stamping concrete will transform a standard slab of concrete to look like natural stone or pavers. This curved concrete walkway is stamped and stained which emphasizes the stone veneer throughout the façade. The warm brown tone of the stain is an ideal fit with the color pallet of the homes hardscape. The stamping adds an additional touch of detail to the entry, guiding your eye from the walkway to the veneer stone column and up to the entry. The seamless texture stamp ties the design together, not leaving behind the small details that define a successful design.
Succulent Path Garden
Walkway and Path
Designs by Shellene
San Diego, CA Decorative Borders
Adding a border to your concrete walkway can change the look drastically from an average slab to a one of a kind path. In this cottage style entry, the brick border contributes to the character of the home. Many materials can be used as a border such as: stone, flagstone, slate, wood, etc. It is also common to see a border of concrete; however, it’s stamped or stained to add variation and interest. This brick border is a perfect addition to the patriotic theme of this home and suggests that the homeowners pay attention to details. It’s always nice to add a special touch especially to your entry.
Front Entry Walkway
Walkway and Path
Genevieve Schmidt Landscape Design and Fine Maintenance
Arcata, CA Exposed Aggregate
It almost seems as though you’re walking on gravel when you’re making your way to the front door, however, it’s a textured, mixed colored surface that doesn’t move beneath your feet. Exposed aggregate is another option when you’re looking for ideas for your walkway. This walkway is a mix of shades and tones of gray and is broken up by bands of a running bond brick pattern. This interesting pair provides a nice entry for guests, while playing a significant role in the continuity of the homes curb appeal.

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