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Patio Cover Lighting

Lighting ideas and fixture options for a covered patio

  • Pergola, Columns, Lighting
Pergola and Patio Cover
JSL Landscape LLC
Sedona, AZ Each column of this pergola is washed with warm light.
  • Outdoor Entertaining Night
Fire Pit
Fiore Design
North Hollywood, CA This pergola is lit with string lights and a Moroccan lantern.
  • Lighting
The Green Scene
Chatsworth, CA Step lights, column lighting and the glow from fire features provides light for this pergola.
  • Lighted Pergola
Backyard America
Fredericksburg, VA A pergola can be a beautiful feature at night when lit from below.
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Tips for Lighting a Patio Cover

Patio cover lighting lets you create an outdoor dining and seating area for evening entertaining. Pergolas and patio covers can be lit using chandelier lights which hang from the middle of the ceiling and look similar to what you’d have in your dining room. “A fan or a fan-light combo overhead can keep things cool for guests,” says Matt Barton of Copper Creek Landscaping, Inc. in Mead, WA.

If you and your family plan on spending evenings outside, then patio cover lighting is a must. Patio covers can be wired with electricity in order to make it possible to install outdoor lighting. It is important to think about where the light fixtures will be located before running the wires. Additionally, make sure that all light fixtures installed are designed for outdoor use.

When it comes to lighting a patio cover you have three options. First, recessed can lights can be installed. These fixtures mount directly in the ceiling of the patio cover and will provide ample light for outdoor cooking and dining. Second, lanterns or other decorative fixtures can be mounted to the posts of the patio cover. These produce a soft glow and will create nighttime ambiance. To illuminate the area around the patio cover mount them on the outside of the posts, to illuminate the area under the patio cover mount them on the inside of the posts. Third, a ceiling fan with lights can be installed over a dining table, seating area or outdoor kitchen. This is a great option for solid roof patio covers because the design is more like an interior ceiling and will accommodate the fan in a more attractive fashion.

If you are looking for a quick lighting option for your patio cover consider fixing rope lights to the beams or stringing white Christmas lights from one side to the other. Either of these patio cover lighting ideas are perfect for a party, barbecue or other outdoor event where people will be spending time under the patio cover in the dark.

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