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Cottage Garden Décor

Put the final touch on your garden with antique accessories

  • old wooden wheelbarrow This old wooden wheelbarrow looks as if someone temporarily abandoned it for an afternoon tea break. Flickr user StickmanUK.
  • vintage metal watering cans Vintage metal watering cans or buckets are great accents for a cottage garden. Flickr user macinate.
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There are a plethora of options when it comes to cottage garden décor, don't feel like you have to include everything. A few vintage accents can go a long way when creating a cottage garden.

Consider quaint birdhouses that sit atop wooden posts and welcome winged guests into your garden. Place a weathered stone birdbath amongst blooming flowers to create a focal point. Set an old metal watering can on top of a table, rest an antique wheelbarrow under a tree, or tuck a weathered statue into a corner.

Don't forget, in the case of cottage garden décor, peeling paint, chips and dents add character, so including items in these conditions is a must. When choosing décor for your cottage garden, simply remember to select accent pieces that give the impression of an old-fashioned country garden. If you keep this in mind and choose items you like, you'll love the end result.

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