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Concrete Driveways

Design options for a concrete driveway

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Concrete Driveway
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Concrete Driveway CostThe cost of your concrete driveway will vary depending on its size and the decorative options you choose. The more specialized the design, the more expensive the price will be. If you want a decorative look but are on a tight budget consider stamping or coloring only the borders of your driveway.

$18 and up per square foot
(Multiple patterns, staining colors, borders, sawcut designs, and accents done by hand)

$12 to $18 per square foot
(Two or more colors and patterns, contrasting borders, scoring, staining, and engraving)

$8 to $12 per square foot
(Basic stencil and border, with one coloring method, exposed aggregate, and textured finish)

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Concrete, the most popular option for residential driveways, is incredibly versatile and can be used to achieve a variety of looks. Stamping and coloring make it possible to use concrete to recreate the look of natural stone, brick or pavers for a fraction of the cost. Custom designs can also be created on a concrete driveway to give your home a unique entrance.

Concrete Benefits:

  • Used in massive building projects for its strength, concrete is durable and known to keep its form even through natural disasters like earthquakes.
  • Concrete is a versatile material that can be stamped and transformed to many different patterns such as: European fan, random interlocking, natural stone, cobblestone and many more.
  • Concrete can also be transformed using color. No longer limited to the standard gray color, you can use a variety of chemical stains and concrete dyes to achieve nearly any color you desire.
  • Being one consistent slab makes concrete easy to maintain throughout the whole year.
  • With the ability to stamp and color concrete you can achieve the same look as natural stone and pavers, while saving a significant amount of money. Concrete is one of the most cost effective paving materials out there.

Concrete Cons:

  • Although concrete is a very strong durable material, it may crack over time. Cracking can be caused from many different reasons such as; lack of control joints, improper strength poured, rapid drying and excess water. Although your concrete may crack, there are things you can do to prevent and keep your slab from cracking in the future.
  • Concrete is an ideal material to use for driveways because of the strength, however, cars can leave oil stains or tire marks. There are many products and methods available to assist you in returning you driveway to its natural state.
  • Concrete is more affordable than most paving materials but not the least expensive. Gravel and asphalt cost less than pouring a concrete driveway.
  • Pouring a concrete driveway can be challenging, it requires a skilled installer to avoid the problems listed above and get the job done right.

Decorative Options:There are many products and methods available to bring your concrete driveway to life. You can enhance your curb appeal by coordinating your driveway’s color to your home, its style, or make it a colorful work of art. With endless color and pattern options, designs and styles, making a decision can be overwhelming. Here we have combined the most popular styles, considering costs and maintenance to assist you in making those big decisions.

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