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Backyard Ideas

Backyard Water Features

Ideas for incorporating a pool, spa, fountain or pond in your backyard

The addition of a water feature to your backyard will have huge payoffs. A pool will provide a place to play and relax. A fountain will provide soothing sounds and a beautiful focal point. A pond will provide a mini-ecosystem and a peaceful atmosphere. Additionally, studies show that the presence of water, whether indoors or out, can lower blood pressure and reduce stress levels.

Great for family backyards, a pool and spa is perfect for playing or relaxing. Imagine watching the kids splash around while you enjoy a dip in the spa. Browse pool pictures, get design ideas and more.

Picture stepping into your backyard and immediately feeling more relaxed. The sound of water cascading from a fountain has a magical quality. See fountain photos, get design inspiration and more.

If you're captivated by koi darting under lily pads, water trickling over rocks and reeds swaying in the wind then a backyard pond is for you. See photos, get design ideas, professional tips and more.

Before selecting a backyard water feature consider how much money and time you would like to invest. A pool is a big commitment when it comes to cost and maintenance; while a fountain requires much less of these resources (a pond falls in between the two). Get your priorities straight and know what you are trying to achieve. Do you want a space that is kid-friendly? Are you looking to add ambiance to a small yard? Would you like a naturalistic backyard? Your answers to questions like these will help guide your decision on what type of water feature to include.

A landscape professional can help you decide what you're looking for in your backyard. They will ask you a series of questions that will determine what features are best suited to your needs and desires. If you are having trouble deciding between a pool, fountain or pond it would be wise to consult with an experienced landscaper.