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Backyard Ideas

Backyard Play Area Ideas

Inspiration for residential playgrounds

backyard playset
Arcadia Design Group in Centennial, CO

Shop Backyard PlaysetsAdding a touch of whimsy makes any backyard space more fun for kids. Find just the right activity for your little ones with this curated collection of playground equipment, swings, and more.

Fire Pit Fire Pit

Backyard play areas are great for keeping kids active and entertained at home. Referred to as playscapes by landscape architects and designers, a play area can consist of a playset with swings a slide and a sandbox. However, you can opt for just the swing, just the slide or just the sandbox.

Backyard Playsets
Kids' Sandboxes
Tree Swings
Hop Scotch

One of the major benefits of a backyard play area is that you can control the environment. Unlike public playgrounds, you can limit the people who use your play area, thus reducing the spread of germs and limiting accidents. When gathering ideas for your backyard play area your main concern should be safety. Make sure all products, materials and equipment you select are of the highest quality and have proven that they are indeed safe.

Pro Tip:

When creating a kid-friendly yard, keep play areas separate from adult areas, ensure that they are visible from inside and outside and place them far out in the yard for the best visibility.
- Kerman Raines, Neave Group Outdoor Solutions in Wappingers Falls, NY

Contributing Authors:

Scott Cohen, contributing writer for Landscaping Network and owner of The Green Scene

Sarah Hutchinson, contributing writer for Landscaping Network

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