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Parasoleil Panels Cast Artful Shadows

Architectural aluminum panels inspired by iconic designs from around the world

  • A Parasoleil panel patio cover casts interesting shadows on this outdoor kitchen.
  • A shade structure made of the panels is also very attractive from above.
  • 15 standard patterns are available. Custom designs are also possible.
  • A close-up of the Flanigan pattern.
  • A close-up of the Kenyan pattern.
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We don't typically think of shade as being beautiful, unless we've been wandering through the desert with the hot sun beating down on us for days. In this case shade most definitely becomes a sight for sore eyes. The artists behind Parasoleil want to change this.

The patterns cut into Parasoleil panels cast gorgeous shadows, turning shade into a visually captivating element. Fifty standard patterns are available in 17 powder coat finish options.

Not only do these patterned panels cast appealing shadows, but they are also attractive when viewed from above. A patio cover constructed of Parasoleil panels makes a wonderful focal point from a second story deck or window. Plants can also be trained to climb up and over a Parasoleil shade structure, providing greenery and additional privacy.

Parasoleil panels are a green-certified product that can contribute to LEED certification. They are made of 90-95% recycled material in the USA with energy-efficient in waterjet manufacturing. Plus, they last forever without maintenance, so you won't have to replace your shade structure like you would with wood or clean or treat it with harmful chemicals.

Custom patterns, materials and sizes are available. Laser cutting technology makes it possible to cut nearly any pattern. In addition to the standard aluminum, custom material options include copper or steel. Simply use their online design tool to create your custom panels.

Once you install Parasoleil panels you'll never look at shade the same way. Thankfully this new found appreciation will be due to the artful shadows, not a near-death experience in the desert. Parasoleil panels can also be used as privacy screens, deck railings, architectural accents, tabletops, gates and more.

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